Randomness is good when it comes to anchor text. Rich anchor text simply means anchor text that contains desirable target keywords These are often keywords that you want to rank for. Again, you shouldn’t exaggerate your rich anchor text, as this isn’t the way people usually or naturally link, and it could cause Google to see your content as over-optimized.

An anchor text is a link to a page on another website. An example is when a publisher links to a Wikipedia page about a particular ingredient on a recipe page. Careful use of anchor text can increase readers’ trust in your brand and the content you share on your website. In addition, it boosts your SEO efforts by giving search engine crawlers the right signals.

Anchor text is the visible characters and words that hyperlinks display when linked to another document or location on the Web. This goes against the typical advice you see that focuses on what anchor texts you should use based on certain ratios. Link builders or SEOs that specialize in creating links to a website often control anchor text from the links they create from other websites. Google uses the Penguin algorithm and other advanced technologies to determine if pages manipulate their SERP ranking based solely on anchor text.

If there are too many keywords on a page that link to too many other pages on a site, or all to the same page but with different anchor text, this is a case of excessive anchor text. Remember that anchor texts are primarily used by Google as a signal of content relevance and domain authority. Therefore, these anchor texts are critical to your SEO. Internal linking is certainly a recommended best practice, but be careful with the anchor text you use to link your own pages together. John Mueller from Google answered a question about the best anchor text for internal, inbound, and outbound links.

These tips create an anchor text strategy strong enough to improve your SEO and survive future changes. Some sites that were overly aggressive with their exact matching anchor text links saw their rankings overnight. There are some sites that rank for a few main keywords, and they get the backlinks for exact anchors. For example, if a website constantly receives high-quality links with the anchor text “dog collar,” Google will eventually discover that your site is about dog collars.

As a result of this shift, anchor text quickly became the easiest way to evaluate how trustworthy a website was. As long as you’re trying to keep at least some of your anchor texts relevant, Google will find it easier to categorize your content and rate you accordingly. Write great anchor text for them so readers know that this link has been carefully chosen so they can learn more.