Are anchor tags good for seo?

Anchor links are one of the main building blocks of SEO writing. Search engine optimization simply wouldn’t work without the correct use of anchor links. The anchor text is also known as a link label or link title. The words included in the anchor text help determine the ranking that the page gets from search […]

What is the meaning anchor text?

Anchor text is the visible characters and words that hyperlinks display when linked to another document or location on the Web. It usually appears as blue underlined text, but you change your site’s link colors and styles via your HTML or CSS. For example, if we check the Anchors report in Ahrefs’ site explorer for […]

Does anchor text matter for seo?

Anchor text is of great importance to SEO because it can show Google what a page is about. In fact, the use of anchor text as a ranking signal is included in several Google patents. SEO is a complex matter that consists of thousands of small details. Anchor text is one of those details. Anchor […]