Select a product or service of your choice and ask attendees to leave a review in return for the free product, service, or discount. Convincing a stranger to buy your products is probably one of the hardest things you can do in the store. You can buy a real coyote skull, bacon flavored dental floss, and a casket on Amazon. So suffice it to say that you can buy pretty much anything these days. The owner of the company had created a 5 out of 5 perfect reviews for the app, which was called “Instant Blood Pressure.”

All collected reviews can then be sent to Google, increasing your rating score and improving your score.

Can you buy reviews online

Based on a rating system for company ratings, BBB informs consumers and supports people in their search for trustworthy companies. For example, a company might offer free services, a money-back guarantee, or generous discounts in exchange for a 5-star rating on Google. BBB has a tool that accredited companies can use that sends verification requests either via SMS or email. After all, a review should be an honest and impartial reflection of a customer’s experience with your business.

Trustpilot is an influential online review site where customers can review everything from car dealerships to airlines to mortgage brokers and shoe stores.

Is it illegal to buy Google reviews

You may find that some of the feedback you receive from dissatisfied customers pays off more over time than any single 5-star Google review from a satisfied customer. Google has built a world-class engineering team with the brightest minds in the world working to develop ever better search engine algorithms. Google has made it clear that review content should reflect a customer’s real experience at a business location. If you want to see results from Google, focus on improving your SEO, your local offering, and providing a quality service where you can ask current and past customers to give you an authentic and high-quality review.