Schema markup tells the search engine exactly what your content is trying to convey on your website. It transforms unstructured data into structured data. Adding a scheme helps the search engine crawl better, increase the site’s ranking, while keeping other search engine optimization best practices in mind. Schema markup is important because it makes your site look better in search results.

Thanks to this, additional elements such as photos or videos are displayed as rich snippets in the SERPs. Schema markup is code (also called semantic vocabulary or microdata) that you can add to the HTML for your website. This microdata helps search engines better understand your content, so they can provide more detailed and informative results for searchers. Sites that use schema markup rank better in SERPs than companies without markup.

A study found that sites with markup rank four positions higher on SERPs on average than sites without schema markup. While it’s not entirely clear that this higher score is due to markup alone, there is obviously some correlation. When you add schema markup to your website, it improves how your page appears in SERPs by improving the description for all types of queries. These are known as rich snippets and are most commonly found under the page title.

Shopify supports schema markup with some out-of-the-box themes and apps like SEO Manager or JSON-LD for SEO. The world of SEO and schema markup has many layers, but it shouldn’t stop you from getting started with your website. Schema markup for rich snippets can provide an indirect SEO advantage, as it makes your website easily indexed through targeted meta tags. So why is it so important for SEO? While it’s well known that schema markup isn’t a ranking factor, there are still many benefits to using the schema for an SEO boost.

This is just one of the reasons why Schema is important to SEO specialists, but it definitely inspires more interest and can contribute to a better conversion rate of your website 🙂. If you’re using WordPress and wondering how to add schema markup, one of the quickest ways to add schema markup is to download and add a plugin. If you’re looking for advanced SEO technical help and want to know how rich snippets can help your organic traffic, get in touch. Many SEOs find schema markup daunting because it’s so code-heavy, but there’s no need to be afraid.

Local Business Schema Markup – a crucial element for local search engine optimization – it contains information about the address, opening hours or menu of local businesses. If you need advanced schema markup, you must necessarily combine the available options. Implementing schemas is much easier than it seems — and it’s an SEO best practice that everyone should get involved with.