How do you check if your google business account is verified?

Jul 10, 2022 | Uncategorized

If you want to check the store associated with your own Google account, you can use a special tool from Google. Once you’ve received your postcard, sign in to Google My Business. This is a completely free service offered by Google through Trusted Verifier, but not available to all companies. But what to do if you can see your business listing in search, but it has nothing to do with you? In this case, you can claim and verify an existing offer to manage information about your business.

If your business listing is eligible, you’ll see Verify by Phone when you request verification. This option is available for companies that need to review more than 10 locations within a company at the same time. And all new candidates should contact their Google account manager for approval to review business listings. The first and most important reason for GMB verification is simple: You can’t manage your business information in searches, maps, and other Google properties unless you review it.

Such business providers will be able to generate verification codes and distribute them to their supported companies for further verification. Then contact Google Support, explain that you didn’t receive the postcards, and ask them to help you verify them. You can upload a video from the Google My Business application, whether on Android, tablet, iPhone, or iPad. Once you’ve entered your code, your business information can be displayed live on Google Maps, search, and other Google objects.

So when reading this blog post, choose one of the 9 methods listed to review your business and focus on the one that works best for your type of business and its location. I’m afraid there’s nothing you can do if Google only offers you postcard-method verification. Although you can only see three review options in the screenshot above, you’ll see more after you create your business listing. All you need to do here is sign in with your Google Account, select the company you want to review, and then you’ll see the confirmation status.

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